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About what he said this morning? Love for our families. We come here for the same reason our people do anything.

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He was relieved. One job was enough. He took out his manila college folder and wriggled up onto the worktop. He let the beads fall through his hands and was turning to go when Avtar asked if it was true that Gurpreet hit him this morning in the bathroom queue. He knew he should try to sleep. But he felt restless, suddenly and inexplicably optimistic for the first time in months. He got up and moved to the window and laid his forehead against the cool pane. She was somewhere on the other side of the city. Somewhere in that dark corner beyond the lights, beyond that pinkish blur he knew to be a nightclub called the Leadmill.

His forehead pressed harder against the glass. He was being ridiculous again. There was no TV, for one thing. Now, he exhaled a low groan and closed his eyes and forced himself to remember each carefully written word. Dear Narinderji, I sincerely hope you are well and are enjoying your new home. A beautiful flat for a beautiful person.

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And a new start for us both maybe. If I may be of any assistance please do not hesitate to make contact. I am at your service day and night. In the interim, may I be the first to wish you, in your new home, a very Happy New Year Respectfully yours, Randeep Sanghera.

It was gone 2 a. His ankles were crossed and the heels of his trainers lightly tapped the cupboards. He could feel his eyes start to close, a shallow dark descending.

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He jolted himself upright. He checked his phone. He recounted the money.

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  • He had enough, had earned enough. Then his phone rang, too loud for that time of night. It was them. Keep to the gardens. He zipped up his jacket and sneaked out of the house and down onto Ecclesall Road, heading away from the city. The shabby restaurants were all closed, the pound shops shuttered. He liked this road in the day, a place of business and exchange, a road that seemed to carry on into the hills. Tonight, though, there was only a scrappy silence, and the city at his back, the countryside glowering ahead.

    He gripped the top of the zip between his lips, flicking it with the end of his tongue, and breathed out puffs of air that hung briefly in the cold. The engine was still gunning. Bal got out, the eldest of the three brothers, all long leather and shaped facial hair. The gold ring on his right hand was the size and shape of a fifty-pence piece. Avtar nodded, jogged to meet him. I have work soon. In Birmingham. Woven throughout the narrative of The Year of the Runaways is a complex exploration of class and economics.

    Discuss the rigidity of the class system in India. How does social class prohibit or grant economic opportunities for the characters in the novel? Does social class carry the same significance in England as it does in India? What role does the gurdwara play in the community?

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    Does it have different functions in India than it does in England? Which characters rely on it most heavily? A sense of anxiety pervades throughout The Year of the Runaways, particularly regarding the prospect of raids. Discuss how this anxiety manifests for various characters.

    What is the catalyst for her rebellion?

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    Which characters help to challenge her ideas about the roles that women can fulfill? Discuss his experience getting to England, and his expectations for his relationship with Narinder. What hopes does he have for their marriage?


    What does their conversation reveal about biases held towards immigrants? About family structure in Indian communities? Gender roles? Cheema over the course of the novel. How does their first meeting set the tone for the rest of their interactions?

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    How are chamaars discussed by other characters in the novel? Discuss the incident with the matchmaking aunty. What does this assert about the ugly and pervasive face of classism? Early in the novel, out of obligation to Randeep, Avtar chooses Avtar chooses to turn down the position that Dr. Cheema secured for him. Discuss the concept of familial obligation over personal freedom. How does this echo throughout the novel?

    Which characters feel that most acutely? How does food serve as a form of comfort throughout The Year of the Runaways?