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Klimtnet Karin Roy Andersson

And again, the state payed for everything. Heres a very nice collection of photos from the second construction phase of Carinhall. Despite having a massive ministry building in the middle of Berlin which today houses the German Ministry of Finance , his entire staff would trek out to meet him in Carinhall. But this was not enough. When Nazi Germany conquered Belgium, France and the Netherlands, he saw the opportunity to increase his personal collection.

He travelled to Paris no less than 20 times for this reason. It was said that his cellar was stacked full of painting and statues that he had no room for to present. But behind this was all a master plan. Three flak towers were built around Carinhall, and another six joined them later. A small pioneer unit had the unlucky task of manning the decoy site and creating enough convincing distractions to fool the oncoming bombers that they had the right target.

While Berlin was being bombed to ashes, Carinhall managed to survive unscathed. Before he left Carinhall, he gave a small unit of Luftwaffe soldiers the orders that as soon as the Red Army was in sight, they should blow the estate up. The Soviets advanced on Carinhall on the 28th of April, — and the soldiers did their job blowing up Carinhall with the aid of over 80 aircraft bombs.

The local population ventured out and salvaged anything and everything useful. Furniture, chandeliers, marble and anything else that could be used can still be found behind closed doors. Over the years Carinhall slowly disappeared, but the rumours about the hidden treasure remained. Even the East German Stasi spent some considerable time exploring the area, as they suspected that the legendary Amber Room was hidden here somewhere.

Unsurprisingly they came up with nothing. Other artworks — most notably 2 sculptures turned up in quite public places. After the exhibition, it was moved to Carinhall. After the war, it ended up in the park of Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam, and was then moved to the Tierpark Berlin in where it can still be admired today. In July , when the East German state was about to cease to exist — the Ministry of the Interior decided to become active.

The east Germans had known for years that there was most likely some art hidden in the lake, but most probably choose not haul them up due to political anxieties about their provenance. Divers pulled out multiple statues, many of which have since been moved into the Schorfheide museum. Craquelure by Sara Gackowska Exhibition.

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Galerie Spektrum at Frame Exhibition. Editor's cut by Shachar Cohen Exhibition. Apple of My Eye Exhibition. Cominelli Foundation Award Award. The enchanted moment Exhibition. Christian Hoedl at Four Exhibition. Platina for Pleasure at Melting Point Exhibition. Melting Point Meeting.

Relics Of Nature Exhibition. Give it time Exhibition. Galerie Platina at Frame Exhibition. Heroes Exhibition. Gallery Spektrum at Frame Exhibition. Finest Selection X Exhibition. Crux by Tanel Veenre Exhibition. Enjoia't Awards Award. Winners of various International Awards exhibiting at Joya Exhibition. Bedtime Stories by Mia Maljojoki Exhibition.

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Open Call: Enjoia't Awards Open call. In Hot Water Exhibition. Fragments Exhibition. Oh Boy by Benjamin Lignel Exhibition. A development of the human body. Welcome to Paradise by Frank Verkade Exhibition. Gallery Four granted with the Dynamo Scholarship Meeting.

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Swedes and Belgian Blues Exhibition. Everyone and Everywhere is an Island Exhibition. True Lies by Federica Sala Exhibition. Art Jewellery at Svenskt Tenn Exhibition. Fifteen Years of Jewelry Exhibition. Junk: rubbish to gold Exhibition.

Schwarze Sekunden Krimi Hörbuch

The Parallel Worlds Exhibition. New Adventures in Jewellery Exhibition. Four: Shadows Exhibition. Open Call: Play for Display Open call. Preziosa Young Design Competition Award. Schmuck Fair. ALLA Exhibition. Just Rings 1 Exhibition. In the Forest Exhibition. Suspended Exhibition. Four at Sintra Exhibition. Four: One of a Kind Exhibition.

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