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Jezebel has also promoted visual pornography. And on the site Feministing one of the editors in the Spring in soon after the book came out gave it a good review and said that women have been socialized to find male dominance and female submission sexy and said that these books show that women like all different types of sex. She even said she liked the books and something like it made her and her husband Phil have a good time. There was also an article on a women In Film site and a woman with a degree in studying media effects on women gave a great review to the Fifty Shades books and disturbingly,insanely said she thinks the boks are great.

She addresses the hatred for women in popular mainstream movies,TV shows,World Wide Wrestling Entertainment,slasher films,rap and heavy metal music,video games,and pornography. She then says that the CRTC has done nothing, in spite of the fact that the Stern show contravenes The Broadcasting Act Radio Regulations prohibition against the broadcast of abusive comment,which state: A licensee shall not broadcast.. Valerie says that two of these one a bestiality site and another featuring the violent sexual abuse of runaway teenage girls were the subject of a complaint filed with the Toronto Police Service and the CRTC in March She observes that the publishing industry funds legal, journalistic, and nonprofit organizations endorsing a First Amendment absolutist position.

We need to consider how that conflict of interest distorts the information we receive through journalistic coverage of public debate and action on this issue. Women are given credibility and access to speech to the extent that they say what men want them to say. Stray from the script and you will be attacked, misquoted, or simply go unheard. As power brokers in a large industry profiting from sexism, publishers disguise this censorship as selfless concern for the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

The role pornography plays in keeping women journalists at a disadvantage is evident in the experience of Lynn carrier, an editorial writer for the San Diego Tribune who sued the paper in for sex discrimination and harassment.

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Men coworkers attempted to intimidate and segregate Carrier by displaying pornography in the office, using sexual insults when talking with her, and asking her to run out and buy a copy of Playboy for her supervisor—who also wondered aloud what she would charge Playboy for posing nude for photographs. Carrier won her civil suit refusing, incidentally, to accept a secret settlement , but the outcome was typical—she no longer works at the Tribune, but is employed instead at a smaller paper in the area.

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When Linda Lovelace said she loved starring in pornographic films, she was treated as credible; when Linda Marchiano said that she had been beaten, raped, and coerced into making those films, her credibility was questioned. No risk is overlooked. The entire book is excellent and highly recommended. There are many women disturbingly defending and liking the books and movie. She says she works with victims of DV and their relationships are not like this,they are or were not in consensual relationships.

She says her and her husband have been married for 25 years and said although our sex life was very good 50 Shades gave us a few new ideas,and we introduced some stuff into our bedroom,she says some was good,some hilarious,some never happening again. And said they think this movie is truly a movie made for fans of the book. This poster Helen Marie said she never read the books but she went and saw the movie yesterday and she really liked it. She then says she wonders would the response be different if it was HIM being submissive she says I think not.

Helen Marie says after a different post after trixietimez,that as she quite adequately displayed at the end of the movie,it was entirely up to her whether she stayed or went,she always had control and was never a victim. Then she disturbingly says most people who engage in the practice do so because they enjoy it as a fun and pleasurable thing to do. This woman-hating anti-feminist guy claims the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie proves women biologically want and need male dominance!

They voted 2 or 3 votes down to the great information that I posted here of many sensible,caring people who recognize the reality and truth of how horrible,woman-hating,and violent Fifty shades really is including by the sensible amazon. And they even voted down my post where I said I have tons of great research and information on the harms of pornography.

This is a major study by psychologist Neil Malamuth G. Hald, and C. Yuen called,Pornography and attitudes supporting violence against women: revisting the relationship in non experimental studies and found that present research found an overall significant positive association between pornography use and attitudes supporting violence against women!

This great new article Fifty shades of Grey Eroticizes Torture by sexual violence and former sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy. Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen which talks about how much abundant consistent psychological research studies find few gender differences,and much more overlap similarities between them. Trinity Opposite Sexes or Neighboring Sexes? Lewis, Dorothy L.

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Lewis was no fan of the emerging social sciences. He saw practitioners of the social sciences mainly as lackeys of technologically-minded natural scientists, bent on reducing individual freedom and moral accountability to mere epiphenomena of natural processes See Lewis and b. And not surprisingly given his passion for gender-essentialist archetypes , aside from a qualified appreciation of some aspects of Freudian psychoanalysis See Lewis Book III, Chapter 4 and But the social sciences concerned with the psychology of gender have since shown that Sayers was right, and Lewis and Jung were wrong: women and men are not opposite sexes but neighboring sexes—and very close neighbors indeed.

There are, it turns out, virtually no large, consistent sex differences in any psychological traits and behaviors, even when we consider the usual stereotypical suspects: that men are more aggressive, or just, or rational than women, and women are more empathic, verbal, or nurturing than men. When differences are found, they are always average— not absolute—differences. And in virtually all cases the small, average—and often decreasing—difference between the sexes is greatly exceeded by the amount of variability on that trait within members of each sex.

This criticism applies as much to C. Lewis and Carl Jung as it does to their currently most visible descendent, John Gray, who continues to claim with no systematic empirical warrant that men are from Mars and women are from Venus Gray Sword between the Sexes?

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Lewis and the Gender Debates Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen … indicates that women and men, boys and girls, are overwhelmingly more alike than different. I read a bad review of the book, The Female Brain on Amazon. Perterzell he called it junk science. Also there is a Christian gender and psychology scholar and author psychology professor Dr. A Review Of Ronald W. Pierce,Rebecca M. Groothuis,and Gordon D. Comedian George Carlin said this too. She also said that such dichotomous views of the sexes are apparently popular because people like simple answers to complex issues including relationships between men and women.

She should have said especially relationships between them. Sociologist Dr. Michael Kimmel writes and talks about this also including in his Media Education Foundation educational video. And he explains that all of the evidence from the psychological and behavioral sciences indicates that women and men are far more alike than different.

He also demonstrated with a lot of research studies and evidence from the behavioral and social sciences that the sexes are more alike than different in his very good book,The Gendered Society which he updated several times in more extensive academic volumes called,The Gendered Society Reader. Mary Stewart Van Leewuen says that there are no consistent large psychological sex differences found.

I have an excellent book from written by 2 parent child development psychologists Dr. They thoroughly demonstrate with tons of great studies and experiments by parent child psychologists that girl and boy babies are actually born more alike than different with very few differences but they are still perceived and treated systematically very different from the moment of birth on by parents and other adult care givers. They go up to the teen years. I once spoke with Dr. I know that many scientists the good responsible ones know that the brain is plastic and can be shaped and changed by different life experiences and different life time environments.

Also have you read the excellent book by social psychologist Dr. He clearly demonstrates with all of the research studies from psychology what Dr. Janet Shibley Hyde in this major meta-analysis of hundreds of studies by all different psychologists from decades that was written in American psychologist,the journal of The American Psychological Association,found that the sexes are more alike than different in almost all personality traits,abilities,etc.

In these extensive studies by psychologist Dr. For example they say that author Elana Belotti explained these examples, The man and woman each take hold of one end of a wishbone and pull it apart.

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If you suddenly ask a pregnant woman what she has in her hand and she looks at her right hand first ,she will have a boy;if she looks at her left hand it will be a girl. If a woman is placid during pregnancy she will have a boy,but if she is bad-tempered or cries a lot,she will have a girl.

If the fetal heartbeat is fast,it is a boy;if it is slow it is a girl. Belotti ,pp. Brooks-Gunn and Wendy Schempp Matthews then say, now rate each of the characteristics above as positive or negative. A woman expecting a girl is pale,her looks deteriorate,she is cross and ill-tempered,and she gets the short end of the wishbone,all negative characteristics. They then say,furthermore ,a girl is symbolized by the left-the left hand,the left side of the belly,the left foot,the left breast.

They say,left connotes evil,a bad omen,or sinister,again the girls have all of the negative characteristics. When my first cousin was pregnant with her first of two girls people even strangers said such false ridiculous things to her,that they were sure she was going to have a boy because she was carrying low or how stomach looked. I know that many scientists know that the brain is plastic and can be shaped and changed by different life experiences and different environments too and Eastern College gender and Christian psychology professor Dr.

Mary Stewart Van Leewuen told this to me too when I spoke to her 15 years ago.

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With David Reimer they raised him as a girl too late after he learned most of his gender identity as a boy from the moment he was born and put into blue clothes, treated totally differently, given gender stereotyped toys, perceived and treated totally differently than girls are in every way in the great book,He and She:How Children Develop Their Sex Role Identity it explains that a lot of research studies and tests by parent child psychologists found that they give 3 month old babies gender stereotyped toys long before they are able to develop these kinds of preferences or ask for these toys.

And those adults who thought the baby was a boy,always handed the baby a toy foot ball,but never a doll and were asked what made them think it was a girl or boy and they said they used characteristics of the baby to make the judgement. Those who thought the baby was a boy described characteristics such as strength,those who thought the baby was a girl described the baby as having softness and fragility,and as the Dr. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Wendy Schempp Mathews explain,Again remember that the same infant was being characterized as strong or soft,the actual distinction by sex characteristics being only in the minds of the adults.

They also explain that in the toy preference studies,girl toddlers often show an initial interest in the trucks,but eventually abandon them for a more familiar type of toy. She even said,what does it mean to feel or think like a woman or man she said what does that really mean. Contact: Penny Burge or Sharon Snow burge vt. Hard-hitting questions, many of them. But Burge carried on. She received her degree in , and in her research findings were published in the Home Economics Research Journal.

In addition, those respondents who held more traditional child-rearing sex-role attitudes also held more traditional social issue sex-role attitudes, and fathers were more conventional than mothers with respect to the issue of whether or not boys and girls should be raised differently.

Over the years, Burge occasionally received requests from other researchers for permission to use her survey in their own research.