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The company, which was named Responsible Business of the Year last summer, also set up an employee group aimed at fostering ethnic diversity and inclusivity among its workforce.

Love is a balance between embracing "we" while holding onto "I."

However, in a small business there may be room for more flexibility. He was keen to recruit a team of hard-working creatives who would lead the digital startup to success. At the same time, however, he wanted a workforce that was motivated by more than just money and placed an emphasis on giving back to the local community. Staff members have taken part in voluntary work including a litter-pick at the river and renovating a charity premises.

Dunne admits that most of these projects were not solely management decisions - they were initiated by staff members. The retention rate is therefore high. But you can get people very motivated very quickly by buying into what the company stands for, what it wants to achieve and the culture it wants to have.

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Tend Your Own Garden: Sharing Our Core Values

Careers Students Higher education features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Every opportunity. Every situation. It is like raising a child. You must be consistent. My company does payroll for small and medium businesses around the country. It has to be right and on time. Our customer service level has to be perfect all the time. Outside influences like the IRS, States, the government, banks, the weather, delivery services create enough problems for our clients without us making mistakes.

Every payroll is done the way I would do it. Every payroll is done exactly like a CPA was doing it. The customer must get their payroll right and on time, regardless. It is so easy not to do that. But everyone knows at my firm that is what happens. Everybody lives it. Whatever it takes to make that happen happens!

It is ingrained in them by everyone from me on down. We live our work lives by it. It makes life at work, work for us. We develop procedures and policy based on that attitude. Everything we do is driven by that core value. It is that important. Values were less about what we do every day, and more about why we do those things. Providing an employee honest feedback about his or her performance is one example.

Trust is another core value that was a clear winner, as acting with trust in others puts us all on the same page. At the same time, clients and shareholders should be able to read and be in agreement with, your core values actually representing, and serving, your brand well. They need to resonate across the board. I advise keeping those value-statements to three very short and actionable sentences. But, core values are meaningless if they are not intrinsically used by everyone within the organization.

I recommend embodying your core values the same way I would recommend youprepare for a very important presentation: Once you have the presentation deck done, the speaker notes inserted, and you start practicing, you will realize that the more you practice, the more you embody the content and overall spirit. As a result, our leaders have the same values as our team members.

For example, one of our core values is Respect. In order to hold all team members accountable for this value, we do the following:. We hoped these would work as a set of guidelines—values to hire and fire by. More than anything, we wanted to put our company culture into words, for our current team and those applying to our company.

Knowing our core values helps us pinpoint specific goals, and our team has a solid understanding of our mission. We defined our values through the acronym, G. To define our values, I had to do some soul searching and figure out why I started my company in the first place. When you get busy running your business, you might forget your purpose, and this way, your core values get lost. What I found out is that at the core of our values is taking care of people.

We are not medical professionals, but we still look after and care for our clients. We strive to help them when they are mistreated at their jobs and we try to keep their personal lives as smooth as possible. We know that most of our clients are unfamiliar with legal options and the laws that are present, so we feel that we owe a service with our knowledge. When our workers and other customers see how we tend to our clients, business improves and relations flourish. A company that lacks values will eventually fall apart internally and clients will see through it.

It is important that you define and carry out the values of your company: doing so will command respect from everyone, including yourself. Your values should be showcased through actions. All we needed to do was set the stage for them to grow. Before this can happen though, you need to make sure to do two things as a business leader:.

The way we implemented values was to describe what we already do, rather than writing out how we would like to be.

No garden of your own? Join a community and get growing

Core values are important because they drive the external reality of your company. Internal values drive employee behaviour. Employee behaviour drives external output. External output drives brand experiences. Culture and brand are two sides of the same coin. Many years ago, when the team was still small — 4 people including our founder Masami Sato — she asked the entire team to sit down together and throw out a full list of items that we would like to see within the team and that we believe are important to help our team do our work most effectively.

After a couple more reviews and some creativity, Masami put together this list of 6 values and arranged them ingeniously into the acronym, DOCARE:. We do what we do because we care and want to make the world a better place. Despite having global presence and operations, we have a relatively small team. Having shared values and a common caring spirit helps make the team even more effective in encouraging each other, and encouraging our members to care about the world.

It truly defines everything we do in the company and what the company exists to achieve.

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Values mean nothing unless they are stated, embodied, and lived, which is actually a significant commitment. They obviously wanted to have the opportunity to grow without stress. But as people and as a culture, we value calm, unstressed decision making even in the face of pressure. We also value constant improvement and growth. So our motto and our values were chosen to reflect who we are as people and how we can add value to our customers.

They want a purpose and a group to belong to! The first being that they aligned with the personal values of both my co-founder and myself, and so it was the natural way to go. We then chose them through constant, open and honest conversations about what was important to us and how we wanted Outlaw to be. These core values were then fixed once we reached a mutual agreement. We define these core values by embedding them into everything we do, even in our product itself as described in my previous email.

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To begin the process, we gathered input from major stakeholders on what they considered to be the virtues and values of the company. Questions we considered include: What makes the RingPartner culture special? What type of people do we love to recruit?


Culturally appropriate

What attitudes and behaviors shine the most at RingPartner? How do we elevate our peers?

Feedback to these types of questions was pulled into a master list, which was whittled down to four common themes that eventually were transformed into succinct phrases: Raise the Tide, Drive Forward, Be Courageous, and Be REDiculous. We focused on values that made everyone say, That!

Once we identified the four concepts listed above we fleshed each one out to have context and real life examples of how anyone on the team could exemplify the core values. Our core values encompass trying new things to expand our comfort zones and foster growth, being considerate of how your actions effect on the work of others, pushing forward through challenging projects in seek of solutions, and celebrating our wins and successes along the way.

At RingPartner, core values are tied into performance reviews, providing every team member with a chance to specify how the core values are reflected in their work. We also share regular team shout-outs to highlight when someone has done a stellar job of embodying one of our core values.